Monday, September 7, 2015

Before the adventure starts...

August 3, 2015- Mission Call

Surrounded by family and friends Kevin opened his mission where he was called to serve in the Los Angeles, California mission Spanish speaking.

August 26, 2015- Endowment Day

Kevin was so ecstatic to enter and receive his endowments. 

Kevin's Endowment Day

August 29,2015- Farewell Open House

The open house had an incredible turn out! Kevin had the chance to visit and say "See you in two" to his supporters.  It was great to feel every ones love and support not only for Kevin but for our family!

August 30, 2015- Farewell Talk

Kevin gave a beautiful and motivating talk.  His testimony was particularly moving because it showed how dedicated, happy, and ready he was for his chance to serve the people of Los Angeles. 


August 31, 2015- Being Set Apart

Officially Elder Arguelles!!! He was set apart by President Munns. President Munns allowed us each to give some last minute advise and it truly invited the spirit in such a strong way! It was truly an incredible experience.

"An obedient missionary is a powerful missionary, an obedient missionary is a successful missionary"

September 1, 2015- Leaving Florida

It was really hard letting go of such a big part of our family. Elder Arguelles has always had a sweet spirit.  He is missed so much but we all understand that he has been preparing for this his whole life, and it was time for him to fulfill his dream.  Very bittersweet!!!

Arriving in Salt Lake City!!!

Elder Arguelles had the chance to attend a session in the Salt Lake City Temple!!! A dream of his.

September 2, 2015- Arriving at the MTC

Goodbyes are hard especially when you are a couple thousand miles away but thanks to family and modern technology we felt like we were right there.  He definitely had the biggest smile I have ever seen.  We are so proud of you Elder Arguelles!!!


Best uncle and aunt ever!!!
Thank you modern technology!!!


  1. Wow! Thank you so much Andre for keeping up this certainly made me feel I was part of it somehow...wish I was there 😢